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14 OZ LP Propane BottleMfg Part Nbr 4300675
HSLT604 TORCH HEADMfg Part Nbr 1400355
31043 TORCH REFLECTORMfg Part Nbr 31043
LF301 1 inch FPT X SWTMfg Part Nbr 0009892
LF301 1-1/4FPT X SWEATMfg Part Nbr 0009893
LF301 1-1/2FPT X SWEATMfg Part Nbr 0009894
LF301 2 in FPT X SWEATMfg Part Nbr 0009895
LF 3100 2-1/2 FPT X SWEATMfg Part Nbr 0821747
LF 3005A 3/4 MPT X SWEATMfg Part Nbr 0009871
LF3004 1-1/4X1-1/4 UNIONMfg Part Nbr 0821933
LF3004 1-1/2X1-1/2 UNIONMfg Part Nbr 0821934
LF301 1/2 FPT X SWEATMfg Part Nbr 0009890
LF301 3/4 FPT X SWEATMfg Part Nbr 0009891
GA-A GASKET KIT FOR 1/2Mfg Part Nbr 0881400
LF3004 3/4 X 3/4 UNIONMfg Part Nbr 0821931
GA-G GASKET KIT FOR 3/4Mfg Part Nbr 0881406
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