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8PAR20/END/F25 426130 NLAMfg Part Nbr 426130
6PAR20/LED/830/F35 NLAMfg Part Nbr 463687
12.5PAR30L/F25 454678 NLAMfg Part Nbr 454678
12PAR30S/F35 431387 NLAMfg Part Nbr 431387
17PAR38 25D 435388 NLAMfg Part Nbr 435388
17PAR38/EXPERTCOLOR/F40/Mfg Part Nbr 470849
12PAR38/830/F35 NLAMfg Part Nbr 460105
S29401 6.5 PAR20 LEDMfg Part Nbr S29401
S9406 SATCO 7W PAR20 FLMfg Part Nbr S29406
S29411 12.5PAR30/SN/LEDMfg Part Nbr S29411
S29416 12.5W PAR30SNMfg Part Nbr S29416
S29426 12.5WATT PAR30Mfg Part Nbr S29426
S29431 SATCO 12.5W PAR30Mfg Part Nbr S29431
S29436 12.5W PAR30 LNMfg Part Nbr S29436
S29455 SATCO 18W PAR38Mfg Part Nbr S29455
S11258 15 WATT PAR38Mfg Part Nbr S11258
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Dutton-Lainson Company

Leading Wholesale Division over the years, we offer complete full-lines for electrical, plumbing and heating. We also offer complete contract bidding service.


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