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WR159 Squeezon ConnectorMfg Part Nbr WR159
WR189 Squeezon ConnectorMfg Part Nbr WR189
WR379 Squeezon ConnectorMfg Part Nbr WR379
WR419 Squeezon ConnectorMfg Part Nbr WR419
C7 Squeezon CoverMfg Part Nbr C7
53XPJ Nicopress ToolMfg Part Nbr 53XPJ
USPA-350SSP SpliceMfg Part Nbr USPA-350SSP
LK Connector Cover UtilcoMfg Part Nbr LK
CS73 Serv-Ent SleeveMfg Part Nbr CS73
8H Bronze Split BoltMfg Part Nbr 8H
PED6-350P Pedestal TerminMfg Part Nbr PED6-350P
SLWB2/0-3P SubmersibleMfg Part Nbr SLWB2/0-3P
SLWB-2/0-4P SubmersibleMfg Part Nbr SLWB2/0-4P
PED3-350EP InsulatedMfg Part Nbr PED3-350EP
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Dutton-Lainson Company

Leading Wholesale Division over the years, we offer complete full-lines for electrical, plumbing and heating. We also offer complete contract bidding service.


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