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4976-GY WP DUPLEX RECEPTMfg Part Nbr 4976-GY
WP2-G WP COVER FOR 4W/30AMfg Part Nbr WP2-G
80704 AIR COND PL BRN *Mfg Part Nbr 80704
80714 BLANK PL BRN *Mfg Part Nbr 80714
84016-40 2GANG SS DUPLEXMfg Part Nbr 84016-40
80716 2-DUPLEX PL BRN *Mfg Part Nbr 80716
80725 2-Blank Plate BrownMfg Part Nbr 80725
86018 RADIO/TELEPHONE IVMfg Part Nbr 80718-I
86019 BLANK W/STRAPMfg Part Nbr 86019
88018 WH PHONE CAB/PLATEMfg Part Nbr 88018
80712-I 4-Toggle PlateMfg Part Nbr 80712-I
80712-T LA 4-TOGGLE PLATEMfg Part Nbr 80712-T
80712-W 4 TOGGLE PLATEMfg Part Nbr 80712-W
80714-T BLANK LA PLATEMfg Part Nbr 80714-T
80714-I Blank PlateMfg Part Nbr 80714-I
80714-W BLANK PLATEMfg Part Nbr 80714-W
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Dutton-Lainson Company

Leading Wholesale Division over the years, we offer complete full-lines for electrical, plumbing and heating. We also offer complete contract bidding service.


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