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Spool ClevisMfg Part Nbr J0322
Spool ClevisMfg Part Nbr J0342
Insulator StudMfg Part Nbr J25248.1
Insulator StudMfg Part Nbr J25249.1
Insulator StudMfg Part Nbr J25250.1
Pole Top BracketMfg Part Nbr BPT-58F
Crossarm PinMfg Part Nbr J204Z
Crossarm PinMfg Part Nbr J203Z
Deadend ClevisMfg Part Nbr J455
Pole Top PinMfg Part Nbr J740Z
Spool ClevisMfg Part Nbr J1300
Spool ClevisMfg Part Nbr J1399
Pole Top PinMfg Part Nbr J1368Z
9 Single UpsetMfg Part Nbr J2343-1/2
10 Single UpsetMfg Part Nbr J2344-1/2
12 Single UpsetMfg Part Nbr J2346-1/2
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Dutton-Lainson Company

Leading Wholesale Division over the years, we offer complete full-lines for electrical, plumbing and heating. We also offer complete contract bidding service.


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